Sunday, February 25, 2007

Kaileys Christening and other stuff...

On the 18th February, we had Kailey's christening at a church near us. It was a lovely ceremony. Our friends joined us and besides for the special occasion, it was a wonderful excuse to hang out with everyone on a Sunday afternoon. After the church service everyone came back to our house and we got to celebrate with champagne (cider for me) and other nibbles.
Things have been going well, I still cannot believe where the days go. There is so much to do with Deric leaving in a few weeks and us leaving soon after that. We are now working on Kailey's visa to be in South Africa! Why she needs one I have no idea, its not like she is going to work there.
This next weekend we go visit Deric's sister and niece in Virginia - Kailey's first time out of North Carolina. We are going to show Mom Washington DC, and show our baby off to Dawn and Lexy.
Kailey is now 4 weeks old, has gained 2 pounds and weighs in at 10 pounds now. She is at 3 hours between meals and we are pushing 4 hours at night (I never thought I would be so grateful for 4 hours sleep before. Imagine having 8.... ohhh the thought is just too exciting to even entertain)
She is so much more alert, and is looking at everything. She is such a calm baby, only cry's when there is something to cry about. We are blessed!
Last night we had such a great evening - we had our neighbour's Stephanie and her 3 kids over as well as Oriana and her son for dinner. We made a fire pit, sent the kids out in the forest (our back yard) to get fire wood. After dinner toasted marshmallows and hung out in the cold, all wrapped up around the fire. It was just what we all needed and such fun.
As for this next week ahead, I have a long to do list and have given in to the fact that if I get a 3rd of it done it will be a good week. How life has slowed down! I realized I moved to London 5 years ago today!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally I write!

Well, we have survived the first 2 weeks of being parents! It does take a while to get use to this new little person who sweeps her way into your lives... but we are on track. Besides for a few sleepless nights we are coping very well.
Deric was home for the past 2 weeks and went back to work today. I cant begin to tell you how quickly the days go by. Since I feed her every 2 hours, as soon as I am done, nappy changed, and calmed her down.... its time to start again.
But once again I have to say she is amazing and we all cant stop staring in amazement at her.

My Mom arrived last Saturday (just another person for Kailey to wrap around her finger) she is helping a lot and giving me a few extra hours a day sleep.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 2 with Kailey