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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Please pray for little Gawolegle.....

I’m sure you remember seeing this photo last year of a little South African boy named Gawolegle. He was Kailey’s Nanny’s son – Gladys. He is 7 years old and has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. He and his family are very special to us, and we ask for your prayers. He will be having an operation soon, and then start treatment.
Please think of him in your prayers and if you have a prayer group please add him to it. It would mean so much to this wonderful family!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Miami Trip and move to Kansas

I am happy to say we are settled. It took one whole week but we are unpacked and starting to find our systems here. This place is really great – we have a lot more exploring to do but I think one year here will not be enough.

Our trip was fine and we had loads of fun – as you can imagine there were so many photo’s I thought I would give you the quick version of our month away. See slide show below.

I should be updating more regularly now!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi Everyone,
We are still not settled and are still on the road at the moment... hence the lack of blogging- to all our loyal readers please note, we will be back on line next week in our new house and the blog will be fully updated. The unpacking will start on Tuesday, the sad thought is this time next year we will be doing exactly the same thing - moving again!!!!

On other news - I am fine, this pregnancy is much harder than the last. I have been so happy to have Deric home for the past 4 weeks. I am feeling much better but now and then I get a wave of sickness that lasts for a while. The next day I am fine like nothing happened - strange! I am showing a bit now - I have gone from 'she looks like she did not recover from the last pregnancy' to 'she might be pregnant, or just fat, dont say anyting'

I have so many friends getting married lately - and most of the weddings I cant go to. This upsets me so much as my friends are so important to me and missing this special day is breaking my heart.
Claudia and Jannes (Seychells)
Tanya and Steward (Australia)
Dawnelle and Bill (USA)
Diane and Jon (South Africa)
Martin and Nita (South Africa)

I will try make as many as possible - just hoping it all works out.

I am going to run, with all this moving arounds Kai has become so moedervas (mother tight) and is needing so much extra time. I cant wait till we settle again so she can be stable.