Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kailey's Number Game

0. The number of times Kai has rolled over
1. Number of teeth currently coming through
2. Number of capitals she has been to. (Washington DC/USA & Pretoria/RSA)
3. Naps a day
4. Time of the day Daddy calls
5. Bottles a day
6. The number of teeth Kai has at the moment (3 on the top – 3 on the bottom)
7. The number of butt pats to get Kai off to sleep
7.5 Kg.Weight she is at the moment (16.5lbs)
8. Number of piano lessons she has had with Nampa
9. Nappies a day
10. How many months she will be when she sees Daddy
11. How many months she will be when she flies home
12. Number of hours she sleeps a night.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Kailey's July Adventures!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tribute to Cecilia O’Niel

Tribute to Cecilia O’Niel – The most wonderful Grandmother!
November 1906- June 2007

Can you imagine living 100 years? What she must have seen? World War 1 and 2. Motorcars, moving pictures, movies, colour photographs, air travel, television and so much more. How many presidents did she see being sworn in?

She was born in Chorley England one of 9 siblings. She met my Grandfather at age 6. They were married for 59 ½ years but knew each other for 82 years before he died. They had 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren.

My only wish before coming home was for her to meet my Kailey, and she did – it was such special visits we made and so wonderful for me to see them together. Her only wish was to get her letter from the Queen (something Queen Elizabeth does to all citizens who turn 100) She was so excited when she received it.

In 1935 her and Granddad moved to South Africa since work was scarce in England and South Africa offered a new world of gold mines and better opportunities.

She was part of a generation we don’t know anymore. A strong and selfless generation. Where hardships from the wars, depressions, and ever-changing world made them know what was important in life.

She saved everything! Even the sheets on her bed were cut in half and sewn together on the outside. I remember her saving bath water in buckets to flush the toilet during the drought times. She knew how to conserve. She was so good in fact that she was happy to help you with your sherry or brandy if you did not want it! (Nothing went to waste)

She respected so many people and always gained the respect of everyone around her. She never complained, even if she had reason to. I always remember her saying ‘no one wants to hear my complaints’.

As for being a Grandmother – she let us do all the things we weren’t allowed to do at home. We could have ice cream after breakfast (I really remember that one very well) She walked faster than anyone I had ever met – and that was at 90! She was a wonderful role model and was very aware that a lady was always a lady. Her whole life she wore stockings and a skirt, and of course never went anywhere without a handbag. (Even just walking around the old age home) She always remained a lady and left every situation with such class and style.

I will always remain in awe of this wonderful woman who was a asset to her community, a necessity to her family and the worlds greatest Grandmother……

Rest in Peace Gran, I hope your dancing!