Thursday, November 13, 2008

So much for 4 weeks to go!

We went to the doctor today!!!!! And I got some news I was not ready for…….
1) The baby is already almost 8 pounds (Kailey was 7lbs.6oz at birth)
2) I am 2cm dilated
3) My cervix is softening and heading towards labor

The other night I woke up and thought I was in labor – she said that was the beginning ………
It was at that very moment that I realized that we are so not as ready as we thought we were. I was banking on my mom being here to look after Kai while I was in the hospital.
The next morning I got my ass into gear and made a solid plan B! Our dear friend Kesh would come over when we called (day or night) and take care of Kai! She knows him well, so he was perfect.

Then I told my mom our news today, and tomorrow she is changing her fights (which were due to come in on the 2nd Dec) to next week or this weekend.

It’s all going so fast! I would like to keep this little guy cooking for one more week if possible. The doctor said due to his size they won’t stop labor when it starts.

Deric and I were in such shock – we realized we were going to have an actual baby within the next 2 weeks. I of course came home and balled my eyes out that I would no longer have Kai and my time ever again. I guess it’s the hormones! But still…….

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

36 weeks of 40 and counting...

Things on this side of my world are getting slower. I forgot this phase of pregnancy and how limited you are to moving around. Thank goodness Deric is around much more lately to help me out. I am at that stage where if it falls on the floor it stays there till Deric comes home, or till I get down and pick it all up at once.
Here is a 36 week belly shot……. Oh and the toothpaste on my belly button … that was Kailey learning how to brush her teeth, my belly always seems to get in the way.

This is a picture of Kailey I just love – not because it looks like she just woke up from her nap, but because this is how I read to her and I caught her in her bed reading to her baby when she thought no one was looking.

Some people have asked me how I will let everyone know about when I go into labor. Well our hospital has wireless and we will blog as soon as we have caught our breath …. and yes with pictures.
So over the next 3 or 4 weeks just keep checking.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Here is Kailey's Halloween costume - not quite what we planned, but all she would wear. She had a rather large melt down before the event - so she is wearing her pumpkin pajamas and her lion outfit, without the head!!!!!
It was a fun night - we had 4 families come over to our house and we built a fire, and waited for the masses..... and boy were there masses.

I was not going to dress up - but since everyone arrived at our house in costume I brought out the old tea pot and wore that! Kai was very excited by this.

As you see - the candy kicking in. We did not go house to house. She did not understand what was going on, but she had freedom to eat all she wanted from our 4 bowls. I figure once a year, what the hell!

Uncle Kesh was also there - always spoiling Kailey!!!

The candy face! She was so sticky by the end of the night!

Our crazy neighbors! It was a great time with them.

The Holbrooks - Deric threw a tourist costume together in about 2 seconds. Most of the night he had a big camera around his neck too, and I'm not sure if you can see his two tone mullet he is wearing..... yip all class all style!

This is 11pm..... the latest Kai has ever stayed up - sugar crash and just wanting water! And so the night ended!
The rest of our weekend was relaxing!!

Here is Deric and Kai washing the car. I sat and watched them on the stairs, on the phone to my dear friend Tanya in NZ who I lived with in London .... great to chat Popaduck!

Then today (Sunday) we had some friends over for a tea. There was a lot of kids and we landed up playing outside. Just making the most of this great weather!

Now on Sunday night we are again relaxing - Deric is not studying tonight (which is a change)... so excuse me while I join him to watch a movie..... don't you just love Sunday nights!