Saturday, December 30, 2006

Baby's Room is Done!

We are ready - the baby's room is done. We decided on Safari - so there are animals everywhere!!!

I also had my baby shower two weeks ago, it was a surprise given to me by my friends in NC, Oriana and Rose..... they tricked me by getting me to Oriana's house. Her husband called and told me he had to take Oriana to the hospital - asking if I could I look after their baby!!!! I threw some clothes on and rushed over there with no make up on!

I arrived, they opened the door and there were a whole bunch of wonderful friends all standing at the door shouting surprise!!!!

They also got hold of some of my USA, SA and London friends emails, who emailed me their wonderful thoughts of us..... needless to say I was in tears as they were read out!
THANK YOU ALL!!!! I am so lucky!

I have not seen the pictures from that yet - they are doing something sneaky with those too!! I'll post them when I get them!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Time 2006

Tomorrow is a year ago that we had our wedding (30th December 2005) Can not believe it was only a year ago. I have been playing the 'what were we doing this time last year' all week. It was such a great time......

This year we are very much on a slow go - mainly cause I am struggling to move and always tired. I think this is the longest time we have ever stayed at home and not had to go to work.

I am due in 5 weeks!!! We are hoping to have the baby in 4 - but I guess I have no say in it really.
Mom comes on the 3rd Feb, so that is coming up quickly for her too! This will be her first trip to the USA and I shudder to say she will be arriving in Fayetteville...... I will make it up to her later!

Keep posted on our blog - we will keep you updated as the weeks progress. You can also add your comments so we can see your thoughts too.
Keeping in touch with everyone is very important to Deric and me. We do hope this helps us even more.

Love to you all

Holbrooks First Blog!!!!

We (Joanne) are extremely excited about our new blog! With all that is happening we can now update you with photos, news and information on our growing family and all of our adventures.