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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kailey's Day Today

I thought I would give a quick break down of Kai's day....

We started out with milk and The Mickey Mouse Club House - she loves this show and can't belive she knows Micky Mouse. She freaks out whenever she sees Mickey. Today she noticed he was on her nappy (dipers) and walked around with it for hours.

We then had music class today. This is Kindermusik, it's quite sweet and she enjoys it. This is the church where it is held... very southern!

When we came home she found the bunny ears I got her for easter... she put them on and wore them for a while.

The rest of the day she played with her new drum (and shakers), slept, and waited for Daddy to come home. Since Deric is the breakfast master, he used his 'eggspertise' and taught her how to make scrambled eggs!

Last but not least Daddy took her off to bath (aka play time) to have some quality dad and daughter time (and to let me be babyless for 30 minutes).

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Kai has been up to lately!

She is changing so much lately, before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it!!! Seeing her become her own little person is just the best thing ever. I ask her if she wants milk, if she needs a nappy change, if she wants to go to sleep, where here toys are etc… she will answer ‘ye’ for yes and not at all for no!

But she is miss independant and has to walk EVERYWHERE! It's too cute!

She will start holding your hand and then pull away with her arms at her ears and usually squealing as she speeds up on a bit of a speed wobble!

She goes down stairs on her belly and slides all the way down, something like this...

We started her on swimming lessons this past weekend, since I did the ones from 6 months Deric has taken on these - of course I am right there taking a million pictures!

Other than that we have all been sick lately and have spent a bit more time at home than normal. She plays all day long and 'destroys' the house. Her bike is a top toy and she will get on and off it all day long (thanks Rachel and Kelly)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just a few of my NEVERISMS

Things I said I would never do……and have done or totally went above and beyond

• I would never marry a policeman since they did not come home every night. (if only)
• I would never let my child eat sugar till they were two
• I would never go through a drive through – I would get out my car and get it myself. (Now with a child in the car they rock – ATM, Starbux, Drycleaners….)
• I would never use a dishwasher – ha!
• I would never eat sushi - stable diet now!
• I would never leave my trolley (shopping cart) in the middle of the parking lot – well now I am not leaving my child alone in the car to take it back …. And I am also not parking next to the trolley drop off incase someone hits my car (it’s a complex one)
• I would never live far from my family
• I would never get a speeding fine (it was a personal goal – now in SA I got 7 in 5 months…… coming home from school and wanting to get home to Kai)
• In 1994 I said I would never get a cell phone they are for showoffs!!!!
• In 1997 I said I would never invest in the internet – it would never take off (I guess you see why I do so badly with roulette and that’s just black and red)
• I would never drink beer – in London its sooooo much cheaper than anything else!
• When I had kids I would make sure all their toys stay in their bedrooms so the adult areas in the house would stay clear and neat – the funniest one of all!

Things I said I would never do...and still have not done – watch this space things could change

• Wear my husbands T-shirts even when pregnant
• Go to Wal-Mart at midnight … in my pajamas… with slippers on….. with curlers in my hair….. Oh the list could go on.
• I will never cut my hair short
• I will never eat fruit

That’s all I can think of now – I guess I have done most of what I said I wouldn’t! Just goes to show - never say never!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

She is WALKING!!!!!

On Tuesday night Kai started walking - she waited for Deric to get home from work and to add to the good timing Hannah came over and I could get some pictures of her.

She has been very busy. She started with a group in Kindermusik, we go to a reading session at the Library for 12 month old's and she is enrolled in swimming class, not to mention the playdates, which are more for me than her.

She is tring to speak much more lately, she says 'juice', 'shoes', 'deka' (thandeka), and 'where' usually refering to her dummy (pasifier)I am trying to get a picture of her saying 'where' as she lifts her shoulders and raises her hands - too cute!!! She has started to copy me too - if I put a hair band on she takes it off my head and puts it on her's, if I put chapstick (lipice) on she wants some too!

We are at a stage now where she is more fun than work, she is sleeping well, eating well and playing well.

As you see she is also helping around the house. Here she was very interested in how Daddy was fixing the door.

We are enjoying the house so much lately and the calm before the storm. We move to Kansas in June, and then again a year after that! So now not rushing around is exaclty what we all need.