Monday, June 9, 2008

Last 2 outings with Kailey

A quick catch up....

Last weekend we took Kailey to a petting zoo - she got to ride a train and feed the farm animals. Since then she has started to play with her plastic farm animals and has to eat every meal with them so she can feed them off her plate.
Then this past weekend we went to a Kids Museum, where they had a whole section for kids Kai's age. She played in the shopping section, the kitchen, the post office, hospital, reading section, arts and crafts, vegie patch, train station, and water section. It was two hours of squeeling and running! Great fun!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Following the yellow brick road...

We are two weeks from moving out of NC. I never thought I would get to this point but I am quite ready to go. We have a house ready for us to move into when we get to Kansas. I think what makes me really happy about moving there is
a) Kailey will have a playroom and our house wont look like a mess all day long!
b) we are near a city and there is so much do!
c) I am looking forward to living in a snowy place! I am taking the option to change my mind on this one, once I fully understand what it entails, but for now it’s quite exciting.
I might also be excited about the snow since today in NC it 110 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees centigrade) just the thought of cool is so pleasant.

We are then looking forward to going to Miami for three weeks. Seeing Deric’s parents and Mickey B will be great. Can’t wait…….

Of course before all the fun begins … the movers have to come and that will be a four day process – packing, loading, cleaning etc… but we will suck it up and then start our next adventure.

Most of our friends we met here, have or are leaving NC too, so the feeling around is that this phase is over, new friends to be met! I only hate that in a year from now we are moving again…. Start the process all over again – from the top, with feeling! But I won’t think about that now.

Other than that I am feeling so much better, almost normal. I am not showing, I just look fat as though I have not recovered very well from my first pregnancy. All my pants are too tight around the waist and I had to go get some cool maternity pants today. I was not in maternity pants till way into my fourth month with Kailey, so I can’t imagine how massive I am going to get over the next six months.

Here is a picture of Deric teaching Kai about surfing....... here it starts.....