Monday, November 2, 2009

Kinder Music/ Ballet Class

Kai started ‘ballet’ today - well that’s what I told her it was. It’s actually like Kinder music. But because it’s at the ballet school all the little girls come dressed in their ballet out fits. Sooo cute!!!

It’s to introduce kids to music and you use instruments and props. Devin joined in, since he was there and loved it. They got sticks to bang on the floor, egg shakers, ribbons, and sing along. Kai almost fell over when the teacher played some music from Sound of Music.

The teacher is amazing. She is South African and is very good friends with an Artistic Director I danced for in South Africa. Small world!!!
Here are some pics……

Her ballet outfit we bought today

All ready to go to the car

Her ballet bag

Bonus pics - I think they look so much like brother and sister here!

..... and my big boy - not sure how he got so big so soon????