Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miss Lazy is back!!!!

I have not written in a while, the only reason is I have been very lazy lately. I get the kids to sleep and I clean up, then I do nothing! I embrace the silence most of the time but the rest of the time I got to bed and read for hours! I have been engrossed in the Twilight series of books, and I can’t put them down. (highly recommended)

Deric has been gone now for 6 weeks and it’s gone really quickly. Tish came for 10 days in September and that was amazing. We totally reconnected and it felt as if I had seen her the week before. When she left I was so rejuvenated and felt like my old self again. I am so grateful she took the time to visit us!

When Deric left Kailey was very confused, and all over the place. I had to make sure her boundaries were firmly in place so she would feel secure. That took a while …. But now we have very few issues. She knows the schedule and the drill and we run like clockwork. But we try have fun everyday.

We are also making new friends and spending time with our friends who moved here from Kansas. I am trying to find good friends for Kai as she is so social. She now makes wishes and her wish everyday is ‘I wish all my friends come to see me’ Breaks my heart!

She is awesome and has me laughing every day. The night Deric left I let her stay up with me and the Sound of Music was on TV so we watched it all cuddled on the couch. She fell in love with the music and now sings Do a deer, So long farewell and the puppet song all day long. I got the CD and that’s all she wants to listen to.

Here are a few moments I just have to share:

• She is convinced that the princes in the fairytales are the princesses’ daddy’s (since they save the princesses they have to be right?)
• When at the shop the other day she lost her hat. When we went back to look for it a shop assistant said to her ‘aren’t you a cutie’ her answer was: ‘I know I am, but I lost my hat so I am very busy, busy, busy, I am so sorry I have to get it’
• Every morning she has to put on her sleeping beauty dress, then all day she says ‘this is how a princess sits’ or ‘this is how a princess walks up the stairs’
• If I sing a song badly, she says ‘no mommy like this’ and directs me on how to sing it the right way
• When we collect Devin from the daycare on a Saturday she runs in the room and says to the lady, ‘I Kailey I need my brodder Debin he is a cutie cutie pie – oh there is he, hey buddy it’s me your sister Kailey, I missed you’ and usually pushes him over with a big hug
• When she wants chocolate or sweets she will sit on the floor close her eyes and tell me that she is ready for a surprise!

The list goes on but she is a laugh a minute!

Devin is also so wonderful – he is still not crawling the conventional way, he leopard crawls or army crawls everywhere. He can stand on his own without support and the doctors said there is a possibility he won’t crawl the normal way and that he will just walk…. I’m not holding my breath!

The difference in personality is so amazing to see, Kai is all over the place, she has imaginary friends. A baby Jaguar a bird and 2 mice. They go everywhere with us!!!! She loves her dolls and is always ‘Kailey mommy’ Her attention is always scattered and always has been.
Then Devin is a watcher, he figures things out before moving forward. He is very picky with who he invites into his circle. He is also very focused, once he has set his mind to something that is it, you can’t distract him from what he has seen or wants to do.

As for me, I have also started teaching on a Saturday at an amazing school. I teach contemporary dance and its going so well. What I love even more is the people who work there and the owners are fantastic. The school is joined to a dance company and they do great work. All ballet classes have accompanist. That is unheard of! Accompanists are usually only found in universities and professional ballet companies. The professionalism of this place just makes me even more proud to be a teacher there.

So as you see we are fine, still figuring out our new environment and trying to become familiar with everything. Our next week will be fun since we have Halloween parties, Halloween events and play dates planned.

We do miss Deric everyday but are very proud of what he is doing!