Friday, August 22, 2008

Ballet Dancer????

Attitude Derriere.....

Kailey's Version...

Arabesque Derriere....

Kailey's Version......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Hornets nest

Yesterday, we were sitting outside with our neighbors having a chat after dinner. Kailey and their kids were playing around the house and they were up and down the deck stairs. Next thing out of nowhere, I look at Kai and see about 12 hornets flying around her head. Deric jumped up and grabbed her (getting stung himself). When we looked at her closer she had been stung twice! (On the face and hand) She was screaming like I have not heard in a while and all I could do was tell Deric to go look online what to do while I held her soooo tightly.

We watched her for 3 hours before putting her down, and Deric went to the store to get ‘stuff’ to kill the hornets. Our neighbor was ahead of us, and had got the poison he had at his house and killed 3 nests. Deric got the other 2 later in the evening.

I woke every hour on the hour in the night to check her breathing and then….. This morning I woke up to another child in Kai’s crib. Her face was so swollen I could hardly recognize her. I took her to the emergency room and they gave her medicine to make the swelling go down.

All in all it got me thinking… this parenting thing is weird. How is it possible that everything you believe you feel before having kids is totally wrong? The emotion to take all pain, all unhappiness away is so strong that you devote your days to making sure everything in their little lives is perfect. The satisfaction from this …….all you need.

Even when you think back to the days of having a meal without jumping up and down 100 times, reading a book in the middle of the day, stealing a nap on the couch without little fingers opening your eyes. Getting in and out the car in seconds, and making plans on a whim.

The days before not thinking of someone else’s food intake 4-6 times a day, nappy rash, potty training, teaching not to hit the cat, trying to in force that crayons are for paper not walls, oh and something that happened moments ago….. how not to fret if your high heals don’t go on (yip she was throwing a tantrum about not been able to get her play shoes on)

I am glad to say now that everything in the Holbrook house hold is back to normal and we are all hoping for some sleep tonight!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kai's first hair cut

Deric convinced me to have Kailey’s hair cut. I have no idea why I was so against the idea but I will put it to one of those mom things I just can’t explain.

But it was great – she had a blast. I found a place that just cut kids hair. They had all these distractions for them and the lady was so much better than I have been (I think my only style is mullet)

Here are the before and after shots... and yes my child chose the hummer and not the princess car!!!!!

The picture on the last blog is a good one of the final product!

Friday, August 8, 2008