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Sunday, September 20, 2009

To start off with here are pictures of Deric’s farewell ceremony that was held on post. I did not take any photo’s of the soldiers in formation but just of Kai and Daddy. It was much cuter!

I cannot believe Deric left two weeks ago!! I have hardly taken a picture or posted one thing on the blog!!!

So he left last Sunday and is doing well, busy but well. Not much for me to report, he basically works 16 hour days, seven days a week!

We on the home front are fine. We feel a gap in our lives but our new systems will soon kick in and we can set ourselves up for the next year. Kailey asks where her Daddy is every day, and I just say he went to work too far away. What really helps her is that her friends Daddy’s are also deployed so she does not feel alone. She will often say, ‘Sidney Daddy to far away, Maddy Daddy to far away, Katie Daddy to far away and my Daddy far away too’

In true Deric spirit though he sent the kid’s balloons and me some flowers. Kai can’t believe she got a balloon in the mail!

But otherwise we are all good. I am teaching now on a Saturday and it’s going very well – I feel alive again. It’s part of the old me!

Tish (Tiziana) my best friend from South Africa will be coming tomorrow to stay with us for 10 days. I have not seen her since our wedding. I am next to myself with excitement and have been getting everything ready for her arrival. It’s been such a nice distraction.
So next time I blog will be on the Tish visit!!!!!