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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Babies

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to update with the development of Kai and Devin. It seems like they both change on a daily basis, and most days I just can’t keep up with the progress they make.

Kai is a sponge! Everyday her speaking gets better and she learns new words. It’s too cute to listen to her and my favorite thing to do is to hear what she says in her bed while I listen on the monitor.

She has been acting up a little (understatement) she gets so frustrated that she can’t speak what she is thinking and also her episodes have something to do with the fact that she thinks she is much bigger than she is.

But she is still a cutie and makes me laugh all the time. She likes games and we land up using Devin’s morning nap time for our play time. Hide and seek is this weeks favorite, along with playing shop with her new till, doing ABC’s on the computer, and drawing together. She still loves to cook and has a very big imagination.

She likes to tell me what she wants to do in the day. She will say,
‘I go dicies’ (I go to the dinosaurs restaurant) ‘
‘I go shop with balls’ (Go to Target)
‘I go shop with cars’ (grocery store with car trolleys/carts)

She also lists everyone she knows before going to bed to make sure they are also going to sleep. When it comes to Daddy she asks if daddy sleeps and where. It goes something like this. Be aware we do this every day the same conversation. (dodo is what we in SA call sleep)

Kai: Mummy go dodo, Sydney go dodo, Nini go dodo, Kittie go dodo, Maddy go dodo, Durban (Devin) go dodo, Daddy go dodo……… mummy where the Daddy?
Jo: Daddy is at work
Kai: Daddy dodo ?
Jo: Yes Kai Daddy goes dodo
Kai: Where the Daddy dodo?
Jo: Daddy dodo at work
Kai: Payschool mat?
Jo: Yes Kai Daddy dodo at work on a playschool mat

I could go on forever with the funny conversations we have all day. I have started writing all the funny things down in a book so I can remember how cute she was when she is 16 and giving me attitude!

Devin is a mommy’s boy and would rather stare at me than do anything else. His is also my sleeper, he sleeps at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6:30pm to 7am – and does not wake up in the night…… I am blessed!

He now has 2 teeth and had no issues cutting them except for a 3 hour crying and upset for one evening.

Like I said, I am blessed. Kai was never this easy so I know how lucky I am. I also know that things could change at any given moment so I am appreciating every moment.

He is an angel but to Me and Deric only. I left him at a daycare yesterday for 5 hours and they say he cried the a lot of the time, that was however till I walked in and he heard my voice, then he was all smiles.

Funny how if that were Kailey (the first born) I would have been so upset that she had cried that long. But with the second you really do let go. I know I also have to have time to do some errands and I can’t be there every second of everyday.

He is 5 months on Friday and I can’t remember life without him – funny how that works!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter, a little late!!!

For Easter we were house hunting in Washington State, and we stayed at Chanele's house. Kai had a blast there and I am still hearing about Aunt Chanele and the 'Al-pa-ka's'. She ran for the full week we were there, playing with Ethan and just having the best time. She coloured/colored easter egg's for the first time and had a easter egg hunt which she really enjoyed!

I'll just sneek these in of my boy!!!

Ethan started T-Ball. Deric and Kai went to watch a practice and then they all came home and played till it got dark. Now Kai loves to play, so Deric bought her the whole kit, and a bright pink bag to pack it all in to.

Lastly, we have been wanting to get Kai a trike, and she has been so excited to get one. She kept asking for a "purple bike". Over and over she would talk about her purple bike. I told Deric I think we should get a blue and red one so Devin could use it in 2 years. He nodded and agreed. In the shop we saw the purple one. I was telling Deric no way... we must get the blue and red one. He agreed and said that sounds like the correct and logical thing to do, then continued to pick up the purple one and put in in the shopping cart! I looked at him in shock and he just said 'conversation over, I am getting my little girl a purple bike!' What more could I do?

Monday, April 13, 2009

We are back in Kansas, and I will post photos soon about our trip with Chanele and Ethan (Deric's sister). We were lucky enough to stay with her in Washington and it was such fun to see them and play. Kai had the biggest blast with her Aunty.

But for now here are a few pic's of the house inside - it was much harder taking pictures than I thought it would be. We are going to be putting blinds on the windows and the kitchen will have appliances soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our New House

Friday, April 3, 2009

'Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore'

We are off tomorrow to Washington State. Hopefully when we get back I will be able to tell you all about the house we hope to buy!! Wish us luck!

Just so the grandparents don’t have a dry week, here are some pictures to tied them over!

Here is a pic of Elizabeth and Devin – they are both 4 months and finally noticed each other. I caught the very moment they looked up and saw another baby!!!!

Then I had to show you one of Kai’s outfits……. Need I say more!