Monday, April 28, 2008

'Normal' Update

As you have seen we are quite into our videos lately… we got a new program and Deric spends hours playing. So while I have a chance and Kai is asleep I thought I would do a ‘normal’ update.

Things here are good – my Mom came from SA to visit (mainly to see Kailey) for three weeks but has gone to Pennsylvania to judge a dog show – while she is there she is stalking the Amish (one of her life goals is to see the Amish). She will be back tomorrow. She will want to do lots of shopping since she came with two suitcases and filled one and a half with things for Kailey and Easter eggs for me (SA Easter eggs are to die for!!!!) So she has so much space to go home with.

Next week we are off to Williamsburg for a few days before coming home and then sending mom home a few days after that. I think the visit is going quicker for all of us than we thought it would.

I am fine, tired – really tired….. but still here. I cannot look at raw food lately and the thought of cooking just makes my stomach turn. I want loads of sour things and I consume so much club soda that I actually empty the shelves in the store every 2-3 days.
It’s funny to compare pregnancies, with Kai I ate so much more. I was constantly hungry and always wanting meats, chocolates, cookies. Now I want salad, vegetable soups, so, my beloved SA Easter eggs have to wait till I feel like sugar again!

We are getting ready to move now – our house rented in one day (phew) and the planning of our 30 days of displacement has been sorted and we are now just working on the last few things before we can totally relax.

Not much else to report – except that I am really really tired – but I think I said that already!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Take 2!