Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Grandpa and a Nampa!

Our life has suddenly got crazy! We have been given 2 weeks to move state, pack up the house, get everything to Washington (including ourselves) close up all our bills (stuff) here, and unpack before Deric starts work on the 31st May! So much for our 30 days travel leave!

My dad has been here for the past two weeks and I really want to put pics on soon, with everything we have been doing. But for now you will have to accept snippets of news!

I just wanted to tell you about the weekend we had here with two grandpa’s visiting us. We went to Diana Rose farm stead. It was such fun! Kai caught her first real fish (she and I play fishing in the washing baskets so she loves to fish) she did not expect a real fish to come out of the water and got such a fright when she touched it!!!

Then we fed baby goats milk out of bottles. I was standing outside the feeding area with Devin. Dad, Jack and Deric went in to the area with Kai. There was these 3 big men and this little girl, who had them exactly where she wanted them. I over heard them speaking and one woman said ‘there are 3 puddles of mush’
And that’s exactly what they looked like!!!!!!

I will do a bigger blog soon, with this whole times news and more pics!