Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our little helper

Kailey really likes to help around the house, she feeds the cat everyday, dust's, scrubs anything she can and she helps with the dishwasher - as you will see in the video!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My dress up girl

Playing with trucks in high heals....

Cooking in a princess dress


Fairy Princess

Island girl....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

This weekend we decided to get Kai a toddler bed. We are going to need the crib again soonish and I don’t want to rush her into leaving her beloved crib….
She was so excited when she got it, and now sits and reads in it for ages.

(And yes, those are truck pajamas! she only wants to wear truck pj's.... or as she calles them 'doh dohs' she is obsessed with trucks.)

She tried to sleep in it yesterday and managed to fall out twice! Here is the damage, you can’t see the blue on her eye, and it looks pretty nasty!

Tonight I just read to her in her new big girl bed and when the story was over she wanted her crib. I am going to start afternoon naps in the bed tomorrow, so we will see how that works.

She is adorable lately, I just love every phase. She is trying so hard to speak, and is getting new words every day, but jabbers all day long telling the most interesting stories and jokes that only she understands.

One thing I love is her sleep schedule. For her afternoon nap at 11am I don’t even have to say anything and she looks at me and says ‘bye bye’ takes my hand and walks me to her room. Then sleeps for 90 minutes.
Then at 6:30pm she says on her own, ‘bye bye’ grabs her baby, blanket, and dummy (pacifier) and goes to her room. She then wakes at 7am in the morning. Heaven!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The longest blog ever!!!!

Ok, ok I know I have been a terrible blogger (and my mom has let me know very clearly how bad) so I thought I would make it up and put a whole lot of stuff on tonight.
The truth is I am so tired at night that I just flop on the couch and that’s me!! Usually with a jug of water, and as much ice-cream and chocolate that I can devour!
So, we have been busy lately let me begin. Hope you’re sitting comfortably this might take a while, and serve me right for taking so long to update.
We take Kailey to a petting zoo called the ‘Big Red Barn’ when we go we tell her we are going to see Tessy bear’s chickens. This is from her favorite cartoon show called Noddy. (both Kai’s grandparents will know this show VERY well) So we go and see her chickens and she loves this……
She also gets to see the other farm animals and this week got to feed the goats! Very Exciting Suff!

Then Deric came to gymnastics with us and she got to show her Daddy all she does, I could have got more pictures if I had thought to charge the camera before leaving…… I think she just likes going since she gets stamps on her feet when she is done…. Ohhhhh and not to mention the bubble machine at the end!

Here I am at 31 weeks pregnant – I must add that I feel 20X bigger than I look… oh and then just because I posed for a picture, we had to take one of Kailey right after me! I noticed in the picture all the finger prints on the fire place she is not allowed to touch – I’m going to have to set this boundary of no touching very soon.

Then there was the renaissance fair …… I have never ….. ever… seen anything like this before. Deric and I walked around speechless. We could not tell who worked there and who were visitors like us. It was crazy and dare I say it, like a freak fest! Vampires with blood all over them, fairies – acting like fairies (these are adults). We walked around for an hour and decided it was time to count this as an experience we were richer for and go home. I did get some pictures but I was too scared to take any of the real freaky people!!!

And to end off with….. we have a bowl at the front door where we put keys and such inside. Kai is not allowed to touch it, so we put it far enough back so she can’t reach it…. But today she found a way to get in that bowl. She was caught red handed!