Saturday, March 24, 2007

Deric left almost 2 weeks ago! He is doing fine, already working very hard and will be for the next 8 months. If he has time he will be using this blog and let you all know how he is doing.

Usually whenever Deric goes away we have a strange phenomenon....... bugs, spiders and now wasps get in the house - and I have to be brave and deal with them. When he is here ... nothing not even an ant steps foot in our house! Go figure!

Kailey and I are doing fine, very busy getting ready to go to SA. We leave next Sunday and arrive in Joburg on Monday. Not sure how I feel about it yet - as the past few weeks has felt like a tornado has just passed through.

Kailey has colic... we went to the doctor on Friday who confirmed it. I guess no one will be inviting us over between 7pm and 9pm for a while. She screams inconsolably and then falls asleep with exhaustion. Hopefully it does not happen on the flight to SA, I will be thrown off mid flight, guaranteed!

Other than missing Deric, we are well and already starting to plan our 30 day holiday with Deric in SA over December.

I will be blogging in SA, and posting photos as I get them.

Here is a little note to Deric from Kailey....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our family portraits