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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She did it.....

Yip folks, we have a little girl who ate all her vegetables and is now a proud owner of a tutu.
This was the very first moment she saw it and put it on... look at that face.

She has not taken it off for days now. So on Monday she was allowed to wear it to ballet. As we walked in her ballet friend Chloe had one on too… she squealed and shouted ‘you ate your vegetables too!!!!’

She starts real ballet class this summer!!!!

Oh and my next challange is now to keep eating her vegetables. She now says no thank you I ate all my vegetables.... did not quite see that coming!

Swan Lake

I took Kai to Swan Lake, we had such a great time.
She cried at the end and threw herself on the floor kicking and screaming. When everyone had stepped over her I asked her why she was so upset. She said she did not want it to end.

I took her back stage and she got to see the dancers. One gave her a rose and she almost burst! She now wants to be a swan!

I love girly time!

(This was the best photo I could get - in all the rest she was spelling her name so they all have her mouth in a K - A - I - L - E or Y)


Devin is OBSESSED with tractors. They are building a whole neighborhood next door to us at the moment, and I honestly thought I would hate it – but it has been full time entertainment for Devin.

He wakes up and stands at the window.
He likes to go outside when the tractors are at the fence line to see up close. Then he comes in and again sits at the window.

Nini got him the whole caterpillar tractor set. He now has 4 tractors, the hard hat and the tools. He loves them. When we drive in the car and he sees tractors, he gets so excited!!!! Boys – they are really not girls!

Preschool…… lovely preschool

I’ll start by saying – I LOVE KAILEYS PRESCHOOL!!!!!

At Kai’s preschool they have themed weeks (sometimes for two weeks) and this week they are doing planets. When I heard the theme for ages 3-5 I just thought ‘oh well, cute they will at least play with the idea maybe just open their minds to the concept’ so imagine my surprise today when during Kailey’s bath she starts speaking about the planets. It went something like this:

Kai: Mummy Pluto too small to be a planet!
Me: What?
Kai: It’s just a teeny weeny rock and not a planet – it’s too small
Me: What?
Kai: There are 8 planets not 9!
Me: What?
Kai: ….. and Mars is our neighbor, its red and it talks (not sure about that, I assume the teacher makes the planets speak to teach them)
Me: What about the sun?
Kai: Nooo mummy, the sun is not a planet, it’s just for morning time!
Me: and the moon?
Kai: The moon for sleep time!
Kai: then the rocks that fly are there too (I assume asteroids)

I was so proud you have no idea.

I asked the teacher the other day who decides on the themes and she said she did. She is about 22 years old and has completely blown me away! She said she does and then she tries to see how far she can go with the theme……

They have done the body – that was Kai’s favorite. They learned all about muscles and bones, the heart and the brain. They then worked on what food does for each of these parts. They also did food and where it comes from, they planted veggies and had to look after them to see them grow … and the list goes on. I am so happy she is there!!!!

And here is my mother’s day card…. She did not write this (she is only 3) but her teacher Miss Ashley held her hand and helped her. Break my heart!!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Tutu Saga.....

Kailey wants a tutu so badly – no I am talking a classical tutu not a romantic tutu.
Classical ones stand out - and romantic curve done (although Grandma sent a romantic tutu that she has to wear everywhere - gym, shops, friends the only place she has not worn it is school)

So added to that she does not eat ANY vegetables. NOT ONE. So I told her that little girls only get tutu’s when they eat all their vegetables. I read a Angelina Ballerina book to her and it’s about how she started ballet. I changed it to how she got her tutu by eating all her vegetables.

I then made this chart and she started eating her vegetables – no fighting, no nagging, nothing. If she does not want to eat them that night she does not get a ‘ticket’ and that upsets her (not me). She is so excited she tells me before dinner what vegetables we need to cook.

The great thing is she has decided that carrots are her favorite. Funnily enough, she only eats them raw and if I don’t have any on her plate she tells me that she needs her carrots!
We saw a little girl at the shops a few days ago – she was wearing a tutu and Kai started clapping for her and saying, ‘good job you did it, you ate all your vegetables’.
I told her ballet teacher what we are doing and she is also playing along, every week Kailey gives her an update on her tutu. I am hoping she finishes this week so she can get it on the weekend and then wear it to ballet on Monday.
I will let you know when she has her tutu!!!!!
I’m not sure who is having more fun with this - me or her?