Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Devin is OBSESSED with tractors. They are building a whole neighborhood next door to us at the moment, and I honestly thought I would hate it – but it has been full time entertainment for Devin.

He wakes up and stands at the window.
He likes to go outside when the tractors are at the fence line to see up close. Then he comes in and again sits at the window.

Nini got him the whole caterpillar tractor set. He now has 4 tractors, the hard hat and the tools. He loves them. When we drive in the car and he sees tractors, he gets so excited!!!! Boys – they are really not girls!

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Anonymous said...

Kailey "Swan" is a picture of a young lady growing up. Please stop her! She is big enough now.

I love your skirt for the ballet. Guess you also eat your vegetables.

Devin & Nini just look good together.