Friday, July 24, 2009

Loads to report!!!!

So much to report....

Last weekend Kai and I went to get some flowers and planted them in our big pot. Now everyday she waters her flowers and speaks to them. She has taken such pride in her flowers. She now also wants to weed the garden everyday!

I just caught her standing like this and I stole the picture, wonder what was going through her mind?

Kailey is talking up a storm. She has learnt the phrase - 'whats that?'
*If you ask her something like, 'why did you do that' she will answer 'I can't know'
*Her best think in the world to do is to cook dinner in her kitchen
*She loves her brother and if he cries she says ' Mummy, Debin crying - he need dummy (passifier)' or she will tell me 'he need eat' She is very concerned about him.
*She holds a pad of paper and tells me that she is going to draw my picture then shows me some oval with squiggles with so much pride that she just drew me.
*Her clothes are a big deal too, I better suggest the correct outfits in the morning and oh boy the shoes are a big deal too!!!
*She insists on wearing purfume - I have to pretend spriz her!
*She plays her imagination games all day long for example, when we go to the gym there are bushes, she will say 'mummy I stuck - help' then I have to pretend I have a rope, throw it to her and pull her out. This happends in two bushes, everday - I have now scheduled time for this!
The list goes on, but she just cracks me up all day long!

She has also taken to showers like mommy, she has to do most things like mommy lately, and how she wears her towls is just one of them.

Deric's mom came out to see us around 4th July week, here is her reading to Kai.

Kai and Grandma at the 4th July celebrations

Grandma meeting Devin for the first time

Ethan and Kai at 4th July riding pony's

I made Kai an outfit with the paper from the move, which she then had to ......

Dress her brother up (again)

Last weekend we went to Pikes place in Seattle it was great! Kailey loved the throwing of the fish, for me I was happy to find an H&M and went shopping!!!

And then there is my little boy, he is such a 'coodie pie' as Kai says. He now has 4 teeth and is such a light in our lives. Over the past few weeks it's like he has just woken up and the world is the most interesting amazing place. He is so reactive to everything around him. I love his reactions and his continuous arm flapping.

I love this picture!!

Kai loves to dress her brother up - here she insisted he was a fairy and must come fly with her. It went something like this....
'come brader, come fwi (fly)'
'I pretty fairy, I fwi'

And that's all I have for now - we are having Kai's half birthday this weekend with Aunt Chanele and Ethan. It will be nice for four reasons, 1. with her birthday in winter she misses out on summer gifts 2. Cool for Deric to have a birthday with her, 3. a year is a long time for a little girl, 4. Mommy and Daddy just love an excuse to spoil her.
Devin had one too on his 6 month birtday - we call them HAP BIR'S

Long days for little boys