Friday, May 23, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!

I have been a bad blogger lately – and let me assure you it was not because I was having any fun. I have had a bad case of ‘morning sickness’ (which lasts all day) and without too much information, this has been my main focus for the past three weeks.

But life goes on and things have still been busy. Mom left (before my morning sickness set in) so we took her to Williamsburg. It was a great trip, there was so much to see, I wish we could have stayed longer.

Of course Granny spoiled Kailey…… lots of head bands which Kai had to wear all at once. And since Kai always helps around the house Granny also got her some of her own cleaning tools……..


Deric has been amazing – he is doing everything! I get motion sickness, so any movement just sent me over the edge, he has cooked, cleaned, taken Kai …….. just everything.
He is getting ready to start clearing Fort Bragg so this is now the down hill to our move. We are planning to take three weeks and go see Deric’s mom and dad in Miami before we follow that yellow brick road to Kansas. For those who don’t know we will be there for one year! Between you and me we are looking at going back to Germany after that …. But who knows what will eventually come through. (Holding thumbs/crossing fingers)

Kai is a dream, she is just my joy! Seeing her change is magic. Her imagination is coming into play now and she is starting to feed her babies (or as she says ‘bey bees’) she loves wrapping them up (thanks granny) and pushes them all day in her pram/stroller. She has even started waving and kissing us bye bye before taking her babies for a walk around the house. Then comes back and tells us all about her adventure.
I have really enjoyed no teeth coming in for the past four months. I hope the last four take their time, doing all 16 in 9 months was no joke, so we are just sitting back and enjoying a long deserved sense of peace.

Last weekend Mark and Trisha came to see us for the weekend. It was wonderful as normal, I really wish we had more time to see them. Kai loved Uncle Mark and Aunty Trisha. Deric and I were almost ignored most of the weekend! We had a BBQ/Braai, and sat at the fire pit all night. For those of you who were at our farewell party in Germany (you know who you are!!!!) We watched the video – yes people it’s out there!

Now we are enjoying a four day weekend and plan to go to the beach, see friends and just chill out together…..