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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I could not control my excitement, so naturally I had to blog.
Tomorrow Kai gets her very first certificate. She has successfully completed the first part of her swimming lessons (the ones that teach babies how to cope if they fall in to water). They are having a special day tomorrow with all the little swimmers up to age 6!

In SA News Today……

1) A pack of baboons have moved into a town and are ransacking the homes, cars and shops for food. People have been advised to close up all doors and windows and stay inside till they move on.

2) A man was arrested for drunk and driving today – his name was….. Hakuna Matata (for those out there who don’t know this … its time to hire out the Lion King movie)

I am having trouble attaching pictures on the blog, so Deric is dutifully attaching slideshows… now you know what happened the last time he got no comments!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

In SA News today

Yip it happened – South Africa beat England in the Rugby World Cup Qualifier game and in the Cricket World Cup Qualifier game! Go Bokka!

In other news it was reported that four Lions have escaped from a game park and are loose in the town of Neilspruit. Authorities suggest that if you encounter the Lions not to show fear and not to run!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Only in Africa

I thought everyone would get a kick out of these pictures. One is of a …….. I have no idea what to call it other than a road side restaurant?. This picture was taken out side of where my dad works, and there are many of these………. ‘restaurants’ They build a fire and put a pot of pap (like oatmeal or grits) on it. The ‘guests’ bring their tin cups and plates and that’s lunch!

I also had to put in a picture of what the robots/traffic lights are like here in SA. Most robots have several beggars around them, but this one only has one. I just don’t like getting my camera out in those situations. What you don’t see on the picture is the family on the side of the road. They all take shifts to beg with the various babies’ that are there. Kills me!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Playgroup, Sinks, Ducks, Biltong and Camels?

Kai and I have been going to play group and swimming classes once a week! Its fun and she loves it. I find the swimming so hard as sometimes for a second you have to let your baby go!!!!!!AAAAHHHHHHHhhhhh. The class is to prepare babies in case they ever fall in water. They teach them to roll over (not sit up as instinct would have it) lift their chins, close their mouths and get to the side. I did not believe it was possible but some of the older kids in her class can do it completely without mom.

We have been enjoying the great weather too, going to the bird park with Aunty Claudia, we went to the country on the weekend and Kai got to see and feed some ducks at a lake. (a lake to us a pond to people in the US.... we don’t have much water here and our lakes are no where near to what Americans would call big)

It was so hot the other day I put Kailey in the sink. She loves water, hot or cold she is not bothered. I did go out and buy here a play pool for the summer - she can’t stay in the sink the whole time.

And just because Kai is half South African and half American I thought it was time she got a taste of the foods here .... She had her first Biltong (similar to jerky) and loved it. She uses it for teething since we are on tooth number 9! She loves SA food and the only cereal she eats is Krimel Pap, and of course her day is not complete without her daily Rooiboss tea!

She is still just too divine and I look at her everyday and can’t imagine what I must have done right to have a person like this in my life. She has started clapping and has just added baba to her very small vocab!

As for me - I have been working on my thesis lately. I am 90% done and about 90% on all my assignments. That 10% just takes so long to do! I start exams in November and will be DONE by the 30th November ready for Deric to arrive a few days after that. I miss him terribly, but Deric is doing well and will be home before we know it (Yay). He is going back to Fayetteville for 5 weeks and will be relaxing, getting the house baby proofed and seeing his family. I also will be sending him his ‘Honey Do’ list just in case he gets bored!