Thursday, November 22, 2007


I took a moment to reflect on thanksgiving and my very short history with this holiday…

For me Thanksgiving began in 2002 – before then it was a holiday that was sometime in the year and I did not understand why Americans even had it.

I left SA in the beginning of 2002 and was invited to have my very first Thanksgiving in Rochester NY. This was my very first trip to the USA and the first time I saw real snow (lots of it). I could not believe how much food there was!

In 2003 Deric and I had met and we were dating – He was living in Germany and I was in London still. He flew out to spend Thanksgiving with me. I was still working and on the Thursday Deric flew in and caught a cab to my flat in Marylebone. Unforeseen to me I was called to an event that I had running and was not able to get home till 11pm that evening……. I felt so bad, but Deric just hung out with my flatmates and chilled. All the restaurants were closed so we landed up having Thanksgiving dinner at a Doner shop. Deric says that was his best Thanksgiving.

In 2004 – Deric was in Iraq and my friends Sarah and Zack (Americans) were having a Thanksgiving dinner – they made this funny food called ‘Chilli’ I had no idea what it was suppose to be, was it soup? was it spaghetti sauce? They called me the token American and it was a great evening. (by the way I am now a chilli addict)

In 2005 – was almost a month till our wedding and I was flying to SA the day after. Deric and I spent the day alone and I made a small chicken for Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year 2006 – we drove to Virginia to be with Dawnele and Lexy (Deric’s sister and our niece) and had a great weekend there, I was pregnant at the time and as far as I can remember was sleeping at every chance I got.

Now this year I am in SA, and Deric is in Florida with his parents. Although I am looking forward to his coming here, I am starting to get very frustrated. I have been waiting for almost 9 months and he is still not here…. School was supposed to be finished last week and now drags on for another week!!!!! Nothing is ending! I am not going to count down anymore days I will just keep busy and get as much done as possible before he arrives.

So there you have it ….. Kaileys first Thanksgiving too and today when we go to the shops to do some Christmas shopping I will let her have a cookie!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and safe travels!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finally I am back!!!! Phew, now I can breath. I should have been finished by now, but I have one more exam to do since I was double booked with one I will write next week. It does stink a little but at least now I have a whole extra week to prepare for it. It is also not a massive one - those are all done.

I was so relieved today, I went and got a magazine to read and shopping with Kailey. I feel like I have lived in a cave for the past few weeks. I am doing a cooking course with Claudia on Saturday, we are cooking something (I don’t even know).

Tonight I am taking myself off to a movie – just me, myself and a box of popcorn I wont have to share with anyone else. I have not gone to a movie in over a year and have not even seen one on TV for months. I am very excited! It’s pretty sad actually that that would excite me to this degree, a few years ago I thought a movie was a boring evening.

We have our first birthday party on Saturday (after the cooking course). There are twins in playgroup and they are turning 1. The mom of the twins and I were in high school together – you wont believe how everyone here knows everyone.

As for Kai – we are now cutting teeth 11 and 12!!!!! Yip you read right! I want it to stop for just a little and give her a break (and me). These molars are giving her a hard time. Deric will get here and be like ‘teething is a piece of cake!’ Although she has not had the hardest time it still hurts and upsets her. Deric’s mom said the he had All his teeth by age 1….. This child is a mini Deric. Our son will be just like me!
She went for her 9-month shots today and is weighing in at 21 lbs. He said she is officially the size of a one year old.

Deric gets here in 18 days!!! I am next to myself with excitement. It is going to be so great to see him with Kailey – and of course she will just adore him as much as I do.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Great Cape Town Trip

Kailey and I went to Cape Town last Friday to see Janine. It was exactly what I needed, just a get away from school, exams and my everyday routine. We had so much fun and Kailey squealed most of the time with excitement.

We went to the Aquarium – it was great! Some people turned to me and said they are having more fun watching Kailey than the fish. She could not believe her eyes.

After that we milled around the Waterfront, went for lunch and each had a reflexology treatment!

Then we met up with my Moms oldest friend Aunty Joan, since she moved to Cape Town she has not seen Kai, so it was a perfect opportunity. She knew me since I was Kailey’s age (and younger)

On Sunday we went to Camps Bay beach and Kai saw the sea for the very first time. She just sat in the massive sand pit for a while kicking her legs, later she started examining the sand and when she started eating it I whipped her up and showed her the waves.

I was worried about how she would handle the routine change – but she did much better than I ever expected, even slept till 6:30!

On other news you will all be happy to know Deric is back in the USA!!!!!!!!!
He is coming here in 30 day as of today – I can’t tell you how excited I am. I went to playgroup today and everyone has agreed that even the school closes end of November for Christmas holidays, they will add in one more class so Deric can see how Kai enjoys it. They are even organizing some other dads to come so Deric wont be the only one!

My exams start next Wednesday so I am working away at that – I then write 3 more exams after that one and finish FOR GOOD on the 14th November – perfect timing to make myself fabulous for when Deric gets here.