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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can you tell who is who??????

I found these pictures of Kailey and Devin, at the same age ..... I don't need to say much more, you judge for youself!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Funny Thing Happend

Funny thing happened today I could not resist telling…..

Kailey’s playroom is down stairs but she loves to play upstairs. Today she found a box, put the toys she wanted in it and brought it upstairs. In the box were 2 Mr. Incredible dolls that Deric and I had even before we had kids (used for friends who came over with kids). She has never paid any attention to them before and today she was sitting looking at them and then shouted out to me….

‘Mummy, mummy…. Daddy’ pointing to the doll. I was laughing so hard while she started speaking to the doll saying ‘ Bye bye Daddy’, ‘Daddy wash the car’, ‘Daddy go to park’ and everything that she does with Daddy.

Deric’s family and I have always thought if he were a cartoon he would be Mr. Incredible – obviously she agrees. Now Deric wants her to watch the movie, I think it’s so his baby girl grows to think her Daddy's a superhero!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keeping it real

There is no doubt that having children is the biggest changing event in your life, but the thing that they don’t tell you is it’s a continuous changing event. Just when you get relaxed in one part of parenthood – it changes.

As a parent you have to take on so many roles, most of them obvious, but the new one I have just discovered is a trickster. To be a good parent you have to play tricks on your kids all day long.

For example, DISTRACTION: If they are doing something you don’t want them to do and are tired of saying no all day – you distract them.

Mom: Kai stop emptying the clothes basket, Kai, Kai, HEY KAI STOP!!!!
Kai : Ignore and carry on
Mom: Kai go get your baby so we can feed her

Distraction, love it.

Then there is the getting them to realize its nap time.
Mom: Kai its nap time
Kai: NOOOOOooooooo – (throw self on floor, kick legs and start to cry)
Mom: But Kai, Devin’s going to sleep, mommy’s going to sleep and kittie is going to sleep. You’ll be all on your own.
Kai: Ni – night mommy, ni-night baby, ni-night kittie – (and walks off to bed)

But best of all is the trick that makes moms look like the good guy, and elements look like the bad guy

Allow me to explain…….

Kai went through a 'no clothes' phase. She would not wear them or let me put them on. She would run around as naked as the day she was born. I would have to catch her pin her down and put clothes on her. This was a long procedure and I was tired of it. So one day, tired of running after her and begging her to dress, I put her shoes on, (no socks) and a hat with nothing else on, and marched her outside into 14 degree weather (-10 Celsius) and said 'Ok Kai into the car we are going out, she was so cold she looked at me like I was insane and said 'mommy clothes?' so we went back inside and she let me dress her without a problem. Not had a problem since.

Then yesterday she kept taking her shoes off in the car and would not let me put them back on, so I said 'Ok, out the car let's go in the shop' and took her out the car without shoes. She realized how cold the tar was.... you guessed it, she wanted her shoes on.

Problem solved and I am not the bad guy!!!