Saturday, June 27, 2009

The correct use of house hold objects

It’s about time we all learn the correct use of common house hold objects. I thought I would educate you all. Kailey has shown me the way and was totally prepared to model what the following things are used for…..

A sieve?

No! it's really a space helmet used to fly to the moon!

A toy dinosaur????

No, it's a trumpet!

A paper towl roll?

No, it's a telescope to find whales!

A laundry basket?

No, it's a fishing boat!

A rolling pin?

No, it's a walking stick!

A monitor?

No, it's a cell phone!

A broom?

No, it's a witches flying broom (note the mean witch face)

So now you know! Next time you fly to the moon, go whale watching , go on a long walk, or want to go fishing you know what you need to take!

Your welcome!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Happy Fathers day Daddy!!
I started this photo shoot with the image in my mind of two children sitting down (still), staring at the same time into the camera and giving me a big smile..... it did not quite work out like that!!! Here is the photo shoot for you to see, I hope you enjoy and know we are thinking of you today!

Love you! Hurry home we miss you!!!!

The begining was quiet civil - Devin was very interested in what was happening

Then Kailey became interested and just wanted to let me know it was Devin who broke the sign

She tried to get the sign away from him...

...and in the process it tore more - she was very upset with this

So she stood away from him so he could not break it anymore!

Eventually I got them back together

But she would not hold it up for me

She lost interest and Devin got his sign back

It was destroyed!

But who cares when it was done by such a cutie pie!!!

Happy Fathers day to Nampa and Grandpa too!!! We love you lots and are so happy your our parents and our kids grandparents!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brother and Sisters

I don't have much to say, so here are some pictures. Both kids are sleeping and I am going to go and enjoy the silence!!!!

He is sitting - so cute, he can sit for a long time, and usually ends up with a nap!

He also has 2 teeth. Dinner is the only time I could catch him laughing so just enjoy the mess!!!!!

Here is how Devin and Kai play!

Kai and I baked a cake for the first time, it was...... messy!!! (life lately is just messy) she was so excited, and we had to put candles in it and sing happy birthday as soon as it was ready.

Sometimes they play well together - well Devin might object to that statement!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nampa's Visit in May

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have not had time to blog in a while, and I still want to put some pic’s on of my dad’s trip. It was so much fun, and so wonderful I have to share.

So that will be coming soon, as soon as I find my camera (it’s in a box somewhere)
So here is a quick update:

• We are officially in our new house in Washington state –(near Olympia)
• Deric is back at work
• Devin is now 6 months – he sat on his 6 month birthday –yay!
• We are exploring and figuring out our new town
• It’s taking longer to unpack than normal since Devin has decided that the only place he won’t cry is on my hip! So unpacking with one arm is slowing me down.
• We are setting new systems and routines
• Basically we are just finding our feet and will be back ‘with it’ real soon!