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Monday, May 28, 2007

After the birth of Kailey I have not been able to sit down very long, I was on painkillers for my coccyx for 3 months. So I decided to go to the doctor when I got to SA. He had X-Rays done, and after looking at them told me I should stop taking painkillers, as there is nothing wrong with me.

I still could not sit down comfortably, but I stopped taking pills. The doctor called me in this week, (2 weeks after seeing him) to tell me he sent the X-Rays for a second opinion and I have fractured my coccyx!!!!!!! He then said ‘you had better take painkillers!’ I told him I had stopped since he told me to… he was like ‘no you will never cope without them!’ He is obviously not a woman!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today I decided I would brave the South African Government Departments and get Kailey’s visa sorted out to ensure her legal stay. You see, she has been registered as a South African citizen, something you have to do before you get a passport. But this is going to take three moths and then we have to wait another three to four months for her passport!
Well the other thing is that all this will happen in the above time line if there are no strikes or go slows of government employees!!!!!!!!!! So I am taking no chances and getting her the visa…..

So I call the Immigration department today and ask for directions. The very helpful woman on the other side of the phone directs me to the town, the road and then says ‘you will see a Shell garage on the left, go in there and ask them how to get to us, they know’ Well what could I do – I went to the Shell found a man who knew how to get there and he directed me up the road to the building.
I had to giggle only in Africa!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Two Posts at the Same Time!!

Hello again from the Stan! Here is a picture of me and my new friend. Below the photo is a blog Joanne asked be to post. I also threw in a picture of Kai and Jo (They are much better to look at than me!! Enjoy.


Hello Everyone,

Good to be back! Good old blogging – its addictive you know.

Anyway – things here have been fine, I am getting use to the differences here. I always seem to be getting use to the differences in some or other country. I have made a full circle in 6 years, and my adventure continues.

You forget so much when you leave a place.
• I forgot how long lunches here are… I love that.
• You are always invited to friend’s houses for tea and cake…I love that.
• Having your hair done is fantastic, it cost half the price and you get double the treatments…. I love that.
• Going to a day spa in the country with your friends is a relatively normal thing to do and it costs so little… I love that.
So as you can see, I am figuring out all these fun things.

On the down side – I miss my husband and my home so very much………… I hate that. I am however grateful to be in a loving environment and also for having such a wonderful daughter.

School is fine – I go in at the moment for 2 classes a week – on a Monday and Tuesday. So I am not away from Kailey too long. I do my assignments and study at night when she is asleep.

As for Kailey.. She has 2 teeth now, weighs in at 14lbs. Not a small girl! But so happy! She greets me every morning with a smile when I go to her crib, and she laughs all day long. (Well till her dinner that is, then she screams, which she thinks is her God given right!) She loves going out, but keeps to her schedule no matter where we are. This makes going out so easy. There is another great thing that makes going out easy too….. Nursing rooms for moms. This expands my world!!!! I can go out with ease! They also have family rooms where Dads can change babies, and potty training rooms, where there are tiny loo’s! Genius I tell you Genius!!!

Deric and I celebrated our two-year marriage anniversary this past weekend… how much can happen in two years is amazing. Our wedding anniversary is in December. We figured with two anniversaries Deric is bound to be around for at least one a year!

Keep in Touch - Love to you all