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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool…… lovely preschool

I’ll start by saying – I LOVE KAILEYS PRESCHOOL!!!!!

At Kai’s preschool they have themed weeks (sometimes for two weeks) and this week they are doing planets. When I heard the theme for ages 3-5 I just thought ‘oh well, cute they will at least play with the idea maybe just open their minds to the concept’ so imagine my surprise today when during Kailey’s bath she starts speaking about the planets. It went something like this:

Kai: Mummy Pluto too small to be a planet!
Me: What?
Kai: It’s just a teeny weeny rock and not a planet – it’s too small
Me: What?
Kai: There are 8 planets not 9!
Me: What?
Kai: ….. and Mars is our neighbor, its red and it talks (not sure about that, I assume the teacher makes the planets speak to teach them)
Me: What about the sun?
Kai: Nooo mummy, the sun is not a planet, it’s just for morning time!
Me: and the moon?
Kai: The moon for sleep time!
Kai: then the rocks that fly are there too (I assume asteroids)

I was so proud you have no idea.

I asked the teacher the other day who decides on the themes and she said she did. She is about 22 years old and has completely blown me away! She said she does and then she tries to see how far she can go with the theme……

They have done the body – that was Kai’s favorite. They learned all about muscles and bones, the heart and the brain. They then worked on what food does for each of these parts. They also did food and where it comes from, they planted veggies and had to look after them to see them grow … and the list goes on. I am so happy she is there!!!!

And here is my mother’s day card…. She did not write this (she is only 3) but her teacher Miss Ashley held her hand and helped her. Break my heart!!!!!

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