Friday, April 2, 2010

Best Job In The World!!!

I have the best job in the world. We are in such a great place at the moment. Our routine runs like clockwork and everything is just going well. Of course it would be the cherry on top to have Deric here with us (and he will be soon) but I refuse to mope around and stop my life while he is away.
Kai is L-O-V-I-N-G school. When she wakes up and I tell her its school today she runs around saying ‘lets go, I’ll go wake Debin we need to get his milk’ then she gets herself dressed and sits at the table and waits for breakfast.
She is obsessed with anything ballet lately and now insists I refer to her as Ballet Princess Kailey. So much so that if I say ‘Kai dinner’ she comes in the room and directs me how to call her. Then she runs out the room again and I say ‘Ballet Princess Kailey dinner time’ and she runs in does a twirl, bows and gets up on her chair. It’s so funny!
She says today that she is going to teach Daddy some ballet, then she stops and thinks about it and says ‘oh no Mommy, prince’s can’t dance – but daddy is such a good boy he will just have to watch me’
And so my day goes by with these thoughts coming through her … I love it!

Devin is a dream baby again. We did go through a bit of a rough patch but from December he just became an angel and stayed that way.
He naps everyday AT 9:30 to 11:20 and then from 2pm to 3:20. He is so scheduled! He babbles and tries to talk all day long. He LOVES his sister and bugs her all day long.
They are building a road outside our house and there are diggers and tractors outside the house every day. He will stand at the windows for hours watching them. I got him a caterpillar tractor with blocks in it and he pushes that around most of the day.
As for me I am still teaching on Saturdays. It’s going really well and I have re-lit the dance fire in myself again. I am starting a new piece now so that will be exciting.
Here are some pictures ….

Devin is crazy about teddy bears, he just kisses them and hugs them all the time.

This is Devin's attempt to dress up...

The next 3 pictures is Kai giving some lovin to her brother... he likes it for a bit then tries to get me to help out.

I like these of Kailey. I wish I could however get her with neat hair...

We baked cookies and here I had two kids sitting at once! Does not happen often.

Little man shopping


Anonymous said...

I guess I will have to learn a lot of new terminology for Kai.

Mom R

Anonymous said...

Wonderful update Jo. Thanks so much for doing this. It really helps me feel conected to you guys!!

Love you,