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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A wonderful Gift

I had to show these.... a friend of mine is a wonderful photographer and gave me this photo shoot as a gift. She did it to give me a day to myself and about myself at the end of the deployment.

It was such a fun day with a very special lady. She lives 3 houses down from me and is also South African with a husband in the military. Its a small world, my South African network of friends is slowly growing here.

I also love her work and love having these. I am going to love them even more when I am 90! So it was the gift that will keep on giving.
We plan to do family shots soon, and I’m really looking forward to doing those. I'll post them as soon as we have them done.


Anonymous said...

Need copies please


Sarah Jarvis said...

Wowsa! You look fantastic! Talk about hot momma... What a fabulous thing to do. Wish we lived down the street!
love, Sarah